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Help and Navigation

The online Help Book can be opened by clicking the instructions book on the Library Page or from the menu bar on any page.

Below shows the Help Book open to the topic of "Navigation."

Page from the Help Book.

The top box on the left shows the main help topics. The box below it shows the associated subtopics, which pop up each time you choose a topic from above.

The procedure for finding a subject is to click a likely topic, then subtopic. Then you can scroll or page though that section of the book. Alternatively, there is an extensive searchable index of all terms which you get to from the "All topics" selection. When you find your keyword in the list, click it to go straight to that section of the Help Book.

With this form of integrated help, we can directly link readers from the Help Book to the specific parts of the program it refers to. You will find the use of this Help efficient and very convenient. The letters (M A R K) shown in the Help page illustration are four bookmarks that can be set and saved in your reader file. Green ones are set.

The "Navpad" (referred to in the Help page shown above) appears on nearly all pages of the program. From it you can get back to the Library Page, or you can open the "toolpad," shown here on the left. The various features accessible from the Toolpad are itemized below.

  • Gloss toggles open the Glossary search window.
  • Notes opens the MS Notepad. Files are saved for easy subsequent access from within Weather Trainer.
  • Calc runs MS calculator
  • Units opens the Weather Trainer's extremely versatile and convenient units converter which will convert among all units including time intervals.
  • Abbv opens the Abbreviations window.
  • Plans opens the Lesson Plans window (discussed on the next page).
  • Copy is a special button. Drag and drop in onto any text in the program and it will copy that text into the clipboard for printing.

Once the program is running, you can choose to "just look at the pictures" as you might just flip through a book. From Tools in the menu bar, select "graphics" and you will see the window shown below.

Each graphic in the program is briefly annotated in the title so you can search on the graphics from this window. You can, for example, select out and show all graphics with "fog" in the caption or title. Use Find, and then just click the title to show the graphic.