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This is a sample quiz.

Each of the blue labels is a button that pops up specific help on how these various filter options can be used to limit the questions shown. This is the page where readers customize the data base of questions they want to work with — by subject, level, order, etc. It has extensive flexibility, including selction based on how you previously answered a question.

You can also select out only those questions used in USCG licensing exams. This is especially useful for those studying for an exam, but it has a general interest to all mariners as it shows what the USCG expects mariners to know about marine weather.

These questions are a central part of the training program. They will lead readers through the subject matter and guide them to related parts of the course. See Sample

Once you have logged into the program, all progress with these questions are stored in your permanent file. By checking your practice question scores, you can tell which topics you need to work on, and you can see how you progress as time goes by.