Hints And Notes

This is the Questions Page.

The hub of the training is an extensive set of practice questions. Each is illustrated, annotated, and the answer explained with links to related parts of the course. Training proceeds through how these questions are structured and presented. They don't just ask, they teach. And all of your records as your study these questions are preserved for individual readers. See how this important part of the course works in the [Practice Questions demo].

It is intended that the Hints and Notes should always be read. It is here that the signficance of the question or its relevance to other areas is discussed, as well as hints to the answer itself.

The Explanations always include links to related parts of the course where more infomation can be found.

In the practice questions, the graphics are presented as thumbnails on the projection screen. The top graphic refers to the question; the bottom to the answer. The bottom graphic in this case is just the on-line computer that solves for barometer corrections as a function of altitude.