Internet Resources on Marine Weather.

The Weather Trainer discusses the practical use of the internet in detail. This includes an extensive article on the history and application of the internet for learning about marine weather. This includes use and value of newsgroups as well as a list of prominent links (URLs). There are very many places that cover weather on the internet, but not that many that provide useful *marine* weather. Some of those that are available, however, are truly remarkable resources that are using computers for what they are intended for... high speed, up to date communications and computations that cannot be done any other way.

Since it is very difficult to keep all of these links up to date, the Weather Trainer provides a few specific reference links to marine weather and other special areas of weather that are indeed kept up to date as well as possible.

Well-maintained lists are especially valuable since the most common problem in this "age of information" is too much information. Many of the lists of links available on the net strive for completion, rather than excellence or relevance. We have tried to edit our lists to contain only those sources that provide unique information that can indeed be used for direct practical applications.

Some of these links are also set up in such a manner that you can customize them for your own use, so that you get from your own weather page or bookmarks the precise information you need in the most convenient manner.