Another sample Resource: The World Atlas

Index page to the World Atlas.

This is the index page to the Atlas. The coastal weather button has been clicked, which overlaid the choices shown. In the actual program, you would view some other part of the atlas by selecting one of the bottons on the right.

This is a large book, but only two short segments are shown here, below, so you can see how the data is presented. The first selection is from the section called Global Winds.

The Monsoons option has been selected and the map scrolled over to the Indian Ocean. The maps can be scrolled or paged using the pallet of controls. Full seasonal wind statistics of the monsoons can be displayed on top of this picture as well as switching to show how the Asiatic Low builds in the summer to reverse the wind direction throughout the region.

Below is one more brief snapshot into the World Atlas — the hurricane statistics section.

Again, all specific statistics for each hurricane zone around the world can be called up with a mouse click, as well as an extended discussion of the character of each zone. There is extensive discussion of tropical weather in the program.