A Sample Resource: How to Read Weather Maps

Index page to the Weather Maps resource.

From this page you can select the type of map you want to learn about, or go to read specific articles about map reading or related subjects.

The map reading training is in depth. You will learn to read maps and apply the information to your route planning just as a professional weather router would do.

Below is a related graphic that is used to recall the definitions of various weather map features. In the program the blue words are linked directly to the Glossary.

Below is part of another graphic that is related to map reading and interpretation. This picture is a good example of the power of computer graphics in training. We could not show what it does in a book.

In this graphic, the reader selects what they want to see (wind speed, direction, or pressure) and then they select the route, and the data are then plotted out as a graph. It is a powerful way to see how such a map section would affect what we observe as it passes or as we pass through it. There is another option in the graphic that shows a prominent front present in a similar system.