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A sample entry from the Glossary.

The Glossary serves as both a resource for definitions and explanations and an index to finding special topics in the program. Generally the quickest way to find out what Weather Trainer has to say on some topic is to look up some related keyword in the Glossary.

Terminology in the Glossary was originally based on that of Bowditch, American Practical Navigator, Volume 2 published in 1981. "Bowditch" weather definitions are in turn, however, based largely on those of the American Meteorological Society's Glossary of Meteorology from 1959 edited by Ralph E. Huschke, which remains the latest edition and still primary reference for meteorological terminology.

To this basic list we have added newer terms and special ones needed in the course, and we have taken the liberty to rewrite or elaborate on several of the standard definitions to keep the presentation consistent with course goals.

Each term used in a definition that appears itself in the Glossary is linked directly to that term for quick cross referencing. Navigation within the Glossary is explained inside the book. See sample page


Abbreviations are compiled in a separate window with each term linked to its Glossary definition. The Abbreviations window is available from the menu bar.