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Articles In Weather Trainer


This is a sample article.

To read an article in the program, just click on the title. Several of these articles were originally published as magazine articles, others are just a complilation of special information on these specific topics. In some cases, we go into details here that might be distracting in other parts of the course.

An extended list of the articles is given below. Parts of several of them can be read here on line as examples.

Articles included in the Weather Trainer

  • Dangerous semicircle
  • What makes the wind
  • Cloud notes for mariners
  • Wind and terrain
  • Barometers and pressure
  • Old sayings explained
  • Progress to weather
  • Southern Hemisphere Weather
  • Weather routing
  • Global winds
  • Trans Pacific sailing routes
  • Fronts and frontal systems
  • Humidity
  • Sailing the West Coast
  • Heaving to

  • Nuts and bolts of fax maps
  • Tips on interpreting fax maps
  • Wave speed
  • Fog
  • Wave steepness
  • Rogue waves
  • How weather maps evolve
  • Squalls
  • El Nino
  • Tropical storms & hurricanes
  • Stability
  • Ice at Sea
  • Lightning
  • Use of the Internet
  • Weather satellites