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What others say about the Weather Trainer...


“If you’ve ever wanted to be able to learn how to better forecast the weather, the Starpath Weather Trainer is for you. Fascinating, interactive lessons move you through the various topics to make learning fun and exciting."

— Lakeland Boating


“ inspiring development... a thorough and complete source of information concerning every aspect of the weather. ...the benchmark weather resource.”

— David Berson, Sailing


"...a wealth of information, yet still very easy to use. The extensive sea state section is a valuable addition."

— Kenneth E. Lilly, Jr., NOAA Commander (ret),
author of Marine Weather of Western Washington.


" excellent resource and learning tool... highly recommended."

— Michael Carr, Ocean Navigator


"The Weather Trainer software is a powerful teaching tool that will help all mariners, professional and recreational, better understand how to apply the forecasts and weather maps to enhance the safety and enjoyment of their time on the water."

— Lee Chesneau, Marine Predictions Center,
U. S. National Weather Service


“...a comprehensive program suitable for all who travel on the water in large or small vessels, for commerce or recreation. ..... highly intuitive and easy to use... with an excellent self-running Demo of program features included."

— Elbert S. Maloney, author of CHAPMAN'S and DUTTON'S classic navigation texts


"I purchased Weather Trainer at Sail Expo in San Francisco. After seeing the demo I was impressed with the program, after using it for a couple of weeks I am AMAZED at the program. I have never used a program with so much information and presented in such an organized fashion. It is the best educational program I have ever used. Thank you very much."

— Captain David Reams, Revenue Cutter "Californian"


"Thank you for your copy of STARPATH WEATHER TRAINER. I have enjoyed going through the program. I felt I could use a bit of a "brush up" on my meteorology skills, so I spent several weeks, and actually went through it from start to finish. I am quite impressed. I have sailed over 200,000 miles including two circumnavigations, as navigator, in the Whitbread Round the World Race, and thought I had a good grasp of marine meteorology. But I have to admit I learned a lot from the Weather Trainer, and it is a resource I will continue to use in the future.

I found the program very user-friendly, and easy to follow. With the Log Book and bookmarks, it was easy to stop studying, then pick up where I left off at a later date. The computers are quite useful, along with the Schedules of facsimile and voice weather reports. I had a great time with the Resources Book, just browsing through various topics.

I heartily recommend the WEATHER TRAINER for any sailor interested in learning marine meteorology, whether they plan on sailing their dinghy on the local lake, or hope to circumnavigate the world in the Whitbread Race. This program is an easy, enjoyable, in-depth way to really learn about weather."

John Jourdane, two-time WHITBREAD NAVIGATOR
and author of Icebergs, Port and Starboard


Even after some 35 years as a professional observer in the UK and the sub-antarctic, I am still finding new gems of information from within the vast resource of Starpath Weather Trainer.

Though the software may have an American slant, this is of no real consequence as weather knows no boundaries. Examples and descriptions given are equally applicable to north-west Europe, and probably world-wide.

While aimed primarily at the seafarer, much of what is in the software is also very pertinent to any landsman living, working or relaxing in close proximity to the sea — particularly if they happen to live on a very small and remote island off the north coast of Scotland!

— Dave Wheeler, Observer/Meteorologist, Fair Isle

Samples of unsolicited comments from registration cards...
each of these is from a separate user

  • "WOW!!! Contains more information than any 6 books I've read and in a easy to understand format. Great job."

  • "My compliments to the chef!"

  • "The computer course is absolutely wonderful"

  • "Very impressed with your professionalism."

  • "Really Good piece of software! One of the best I've seen from P.O.V. of human interface and content. Very nice work. Thank you."

  • "Very pleased. I also have your Radar Trainer."

  • "Have been using it for 2 weeks and I'm very impressed at how thorough the subject is covered and how easy the program is to use. Well done."

  • "I think the program is superb. I have assiduously studied weather as a pilot and during several years of sailing. Nothing has ever made the subject as comprehensible and connected as this program... obviously the computer is a good medium for this subject. I find even the basic test quite challenging and I have learned a great deal merely by taking it..."

  • "Superb!"


  • "I have been using the Weather Trainer with considerable enjoyment over the past couple of months. It's a wonderful trove of information. I particularly appreciate the fine touches you added such as the computers and animation. Your program is an outstanding example of where 'educational software' is something OTHER than an oxymoron."

  • "I have enjoyed working with your Weather Trainer program. As a total concept it is magnificent. It exceeded my expectations in terms of thoroughness and 'connectedness'."

award logo The Starpath Weather Trainer has received the
Marine Software Design Award