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Starpath Certification Program

We offer several options for certification in Coastal Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Radar, and Weather. The Starpath certification is recognized worldwide. We have been a leader in navigation certification for many years. Starpath certification is achieved by taking a special test at the end of the associated course.

Beyond our own certification program, Starpath courses and certification tests are also designed to prepare students for similar tests from other agencies. We offer the unique resource of helping students arrange to take the appropriate tests from other agencies, such as the ASA and US Sailing, after completing our courses. The latter two are proctored exams, which can be given in your local library if you do not have an appropriate facility nearby. Each would be offered through a certified US Sailing or ASA facility. We have worked with both agencies for many years offering this unique service. It is especially valuable if you need a certification from one of these agencies, but the required agency course is not available from one of their affiliates at the time you need it. Our online courses will meet all of these requirements.