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Current Sailings

The Current Sailings menu provides access to a series of functions for solving typical vector problems encountered when planning around currents. The menu is accessed via the DR-and-Piloting menu and includes the following functions.

Note that all current sailings functions override the mag variation all input and output are labeled True. We do this since current set data are usually given in True, so if you are working in magnetic for other headings you will need to first convert any magnetic headings to True to use these functions. Likewise, convert any output here to Magnetic if needed. Current set is always the true direction toward which the current flows, drift is always in knots. We use this convention to remind you that all input must be consistent, and the output will then match. You can, of course, use all magnetic inputs and then will get magnetic outputs, but the labels will still be "T."

  • Course and Speed Made Good through Current
  • Course and Speed to Steer to Achieve a CMG and SMG
  • Course to Steer at Given Speed to Achieve a CMG
  • Find current from GPS
  • Tidal Current Interpolator
  • Tide Height Interpolator