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Radar Rules

RT3 includes a Tutorial module called "Radar Rules" which explains in detail all references to radar in the Navigation Rules (a similar document has also been included in previous versions but with less detail and no animations). Radar Rules now includes an in-depth, animated explanation of the often misunderstood Rule 19d. The Tutorial demonstrates numerous scenarios in which Rule 19d comes into play, and shows what happens when only vessel A or B maneuver correctly as well as both vessels maneuvering correctly, from the point of view of each vessel's radar screen. It also includes the true motion see from above (called True View in Radar Trainer 2).

The following example show vessel B approaching from 000 degrees relative, and only vessel A is maneuvering properly. In this section there is also a very useful Maneuvering Diagram (developed by Cockcroft and Lameijer) that provides guidelines to specific maneuvers for vessels approaching from specific directions.

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Other views:
Only A maneuvers
Only B maneuvers
Both A and B maneuver
True View from overhead

A's radar, watching B
as only A maneuvers.

B's radar, watching A
as only A maneuvers.

Note that these animations were made by simply capturing the screens from Radar Trainer 2 and adding the colors. You can create similar demonstrations yourself for any traffic situation using that program.

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