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Radar Trainer 2a


Center Vessel

This is your vessel, often called "own ship,"  which is located at the center of the radar screen. Simulator vessels are identified with letters for the purposes of maneuvers and the evaluation of CPA info. The center vessel is marked in blue on the buttons used to access the targets. The center vessel is labeled "A" by default, but this can change with the Jump option once the simulator is running.

Note we use "center vessel" rather than the more common "own ship" because we have the option to Jump to other vessels, which can lead to confusion since different vessels cannot be our own.

The center vessel has its own set of Vessel Controls for changing course and speed. This window can me moved around the screen for the most convenient place to "drive" your vessel along the waterway. All vessels, including the center vessel, can alternatively be maneuvered with the Maneuver A or Maneuver B, etc option.