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RT3 Scenarios

Scenarios are the combinations of chart, vessels, and initial conditions used in the simulator. There are two basic categories of scenarios: ones provided with the program that are part of the Tutorial and those that the user designs and saves, which are variations on these basic ones. Several tutorial scenarios are based upon the same chart, but positioned at different places using different vessel combinations. In some cases, different charts cover the same regions but on different scales.

Each scenario contains these data:

  • chart and full width range
  • chart position in the chart window
  • target locations, types, courses, and speeds
  • center vessel type, course, and speed
  • min, max, and starting radar range

When a user saves a scenario, they will be saving a particular chart and a particular position of the center vessel whose radar is being observed, but they cannot modify the scale of the chart. The original scale of that chart, shown in the caption bar, will still apply to their saved scenario.

Likewise, the presently active radar range will be saved with the scenario, but the minimum and maximum range for that chart will be determined by the chart itself and all sceanrios based on that chart will have the same limits.

Scenarios marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be removed as they are used in Tutorials. They will not show up in the Remove Scenario option, but will show up in the regular Load Scenario list.

"Scenarios" in Radar Trainer 3 are analogous to "Demos" in Radar Trainer 2a.