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Radar Trainer 2a



What users and experts say about the previous version of Starpath Radar Trainer...


"The Starpath Radar Trainer Course is excellent! It is comprehensive and thorough... I would not hesitate to recommend it to any new owner of a radar, and probably to 99+ percent of owners of existing radars. Essentially any skipper can profit by using this course."

— Elbert S. (Mack) Maloney author of CHAPMAN'S and DUTTON'S classic navigation texts


"The first-time radar operator can acquire many basic radar interpretation principles with this program. He can learn how to identify dangerous targets and how to interact with these targets for safe closest points of approach. This program is the first basic practical radar scope collision avoidance trainer that can assist the beginner. It is recommended for the first-time radar user."

— John Nunnenkamp, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy from the Journal of the Institute of Navigation


"Accelerates the learning curve ...highly recommended"

— Practical Sailor and Powerboat Reports


"Splendid and thorough... A masterful job of turning a rather abstruse subject into a straightforward one... It just might save your life or someone else's one day!"

— The Ensign, US Power Squadrons


"...a very nice job... Unique to this program is its treatment of how to use radar tactically while racing... It's easy to use, and you'll get the hang of using radar very quickly using the program."

— American Sailor, U.S. Sailing


"...lets you master the most complex situations in advance, at home and in safety. ...enhances the efficiency and safety of your radar watch many fold. I highly recommend it."

— David Lewis, F.R.I.N, author of We, the Navigators


"Now anyone with access to a personal computer can learn advanced radar skills to add confidence and safety to navigation. ...for recreational boaters to merchant marine captains. ...teaches how to avoid problems with radar maneuvering when you can't see the target vessels with your naked eye in the fog or at night."

— Pacific Fishing Magazine


"RADAR MADE EASY. An excellent learning tool too! ...helps the uninitiated "see" how a radar works."

Alaska Fisherman's Journal


"Novel... State of the art... Extremely well conceived... Directed to the mariner, not the computer technician. The illustrations and practice problems are excellent. Highly recommended to all who use or contemplate using radar."

— The Navigation Foundation


"Everything works great! Especially enjoyed my first 2 hour session with the simulator -- right out of the box, without even looking at the manual. It's great! Can't get over how much it resembles the radar on the tug I'm on at present."

— R.F.L., master 1600 GT
...from a registration card


"I want to extend my appreciation and gratitude for your thoughtfully designed instruction materials on radar. They assisted me over an initial hesitancy to learn a different language or parlance. The subject was dealt with in a helpful, sequential manner. I think your "true view" presentation is especially good. Keep up the very professional approach."

— G.M., mariner and professional computer programer
...from a registration card