How to use RT3

Running Aground

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Radar Scenarios

Center Vessel Controls

Maneuvering Traffic

Radar Rules

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Simulator Operation


Radar Trainer 2a


Simulator Panel

Simulator panel in RT2a
Our name for the panel of simulator controls in RT2a located
on the far right of the computer screen.

Compare with RT2a Radar panel. Most controls in the radar panel can also be found under Radar in the menu bar.

...analogous panel in RT3
Maneuver is for changing course and speed of vessels. CPA Info presents interaction data, shown below. Trail maneuvers can be made and then the consequences checked with this option. Jump to lets you jump to a specific target vessel and view its radar. Identify puts the letter label onto each of the targets on the radar screen for one sweep. Time Factor controls the rate that the action develops. A factor of 1 is real time; a factor of 30 means that 30 minutes happens in 1 minute, etc. Many studies in RT2 can be run at high time factors, but RT3 running near land must usually be run in real time or a factor or 2 or 3 at most.


True course and speed

SRM = speed of relative motion

DRM = direction of relative motion

CPA = closest point of approach

MCPA = minutes to cpa

BCPA = target bearing at cpa

Note that if the target were a large vessel,any maneuver it makes will take some time. These values may be changing if you happen to ask for them during its maneuver. Hence the warning.