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Training Regions

Read Caution on Chart UseBelow are compressed sketches of the training regions used in RT3. The name is followed by the east-west width of the region in nautical miles. In the actual program, you can click any one of these to load a pdf version that can be printed and used as a paper chartlet for for plotting practice. Several of the chartlets have insets marked. That means there are separate, larger-scale prints for the insets. Please read the Important Caution about the use of this program and these training regions in particular. There are also two high resolution radar plotting sheets which can be printed for work with collision avoidance. Problem 1 in the Tutorial includes notes on printing and practice with the chartlets.

To view the printable large scale versions of these chartlets in the actual program, you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

1. Rich Passage, WA -- 5.41 mi
Show Chartlet
2. Rich Passage Approach, WA -- 10.0 mi
Show Chartlet
3. Sooke Inlet, BC -- 1.34 mi
Show Chartlet
4. Sooke Inlet Approach, BC -- 10.0 mi
Show Chartlet
9. Wrangell Narrows, AK -- 3.50 mi
Show Chartlet
5. Training Chart 2, UK -- 15.52 mi

Show Inset -- 6.2 nmi

6. Plymouth Sound, UK -- 5.38 mi
Show Chartlet

7. Hamoaze, UK -- 1.24 mi

8. Russel Channels, UK -- 9.60 mi

Show Inset -- 2.25 nmi
10. Open Ocean -- 10.0 mi
There is no printable chartlet for this blank ocean
11. Port Townsend -- 5.1 mi

Show Inset -- 2.1 nmi

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