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If a mariner would like to obtain a commercial license to operate a vessel for hire they must, among other requirements, pass a USCG exam on the Navigation Rules. Navigation instructors may not all concur on the efficacy of all USCG exams, but most would agree with us that if you can pass the USCG exam on the Navigation Rules, then you must have a sound working knowledge of the Rules. In short, the massive data base of USCG exam questions on the Rules provides an excellent training tool for learning the Rules. To facilitate this in a home study package, we have produced the Starpath Examiner module which allows users to design their own tests on the Nav Rules based on the complete pool of all possible questions.

And since many users of this product might be studying for USCG license exams, we include in our Examiner module the complete data base of all exam questions, on all topics of the deck license exam. All can be filtered to select the general area or even very specific subject to be studied (ie select out only Nav Rules questions on barge lights, or only fire extinguisher questions in the Safety section, or compass corrections in the Nav General section, etc.). The user designs the filters, the way the score is kept, and the number of questions per quiz. Users can even tag questions in the database to sort them into personal categories to expedite their study.

Below are samples of the Diagram window and the Setup window. Whenever a question has a diagram you can show it immediately and also resize and position the diagram for best viewing. The Setup window offers tremendous flexibility to users in designing their own tests.

Tag 1 category, for example, might be used to mark all questions that are so basic that you never even want to see them again, and Tag 2 might be reserved for the more thought provoking ones that you want to keep coming back to till understood. All results of any test, or any test design can be saved, and later re-opened to continue study. You can step through the filtered data base sequentially, or have the questions presented to you in a random sequence. And you can on subsequent tests, ask only for questions you have not seen before, only questions you missed the first time, etc. Any combination is possible.

...Plus Complete Printable Set of all Exam Questions

Those familiar with such things will know these as the "Yellow Books." They list all the exam questions and all of the diagrams. They are for sale at Federal book stores and some navigation supply stores. We have the contents of all 5 volumes available to the reader in printable pdf format. It is a huge resource, so to simplify its use we have built a complete full-text search engine for the entire set. With the Examiner at hand, it is not likely that one would need printed versions, but if so, they are on the CD and easily accessible. The diagrams are usually in separate books, but we have incorporated then into the table of contents of each book. If a question calls for a diagram, just open the table of contents, find it, and click it to view that page.