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The following is the definition of "fairway"

This important term is used in Rule 9 (a to f), Rule 30e, Rule 34c, Rule 34e, and in the Radiotelephone Act, Section 26.03 (a)(4) and (e)(1) and (e)(2).

This is a term which always appears with Rules related to "narrow channels." A fairway can be a buoyed channel through otherwise open water, not necessarily constricted by any other boundaries. They are often marked by buoys, but they need not be prominently marked by buoys or dayshapes. A fairway route could be marked on a chart with no other signs on the water. In some areas, a fairway crosses busy waters or runs along the edge of one. It takes special care to remember that the "narrow channel rules" apply in these regions as well, even though the water may not look like a narrow channel at all.

The Rules quoted in the definition are directly liked to the related Rules. Whenever a term is specifically defined within the Rules (such as "underway"), then the Glossary links directly to that definition. Our contribution here is to review court cases and other references to help shed light on crucial terms that are not defined in the Rules such as "close quarters," "stay clear," "do not impede," "proper watch," among many others.