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Nav Rules Plus! contains:
  • Electronic Nav Rules
  • Printable Nav Rules
  • US Inland and International
  • Canadian Modifications
  • Explanation of each Rule

  • Illustrative questions
  • Thorough Glossary
  • Lights by vessel and by color
  • All USCG exam questions
  • Printable exam questions
  • Radar rules module
  • Digital Rules
    Nav Rules Plus! is a training tool and resource for anyone who wants to learn the Rules of the Road thoroughly for their own safety or for preparation for a USCG license exam. It includes detailed explanations of each Rule and a powerful self testing module used to study an enormous data base of questions on the Rules, along with unique vessel lights presentations and a detailed treatment of the Nav Rules that pertain to radar. The bonus exam questions included make this an especially attractive product for those studying for a USCG license. The digital version of the Nav Rules is just one part of this large program.

    The digital version of the rules is set up to emphasize the distinctions between US Inland and the International Rules. The basic presentation is that of the International Rules, and when any part is different in the Inland rules there is a link to that wording. A similar link is presented to any Canadian Modifications that might apply. (We also include in another section an expanded presentation of the Canadian Modifications to the International Rules.)

    Each Rule also includes a link to an extended Discussion of the Rule along with Sample Questions that best illustrate the application of the Rule. The full set of all discussions and sample-question explanations are effectively a "Textbook on the Rules."

    The digital version is fully searchable by word or phrase.