Radar Trainer 3

Converts your computer into a interactive radar simulator, along with extensive resources and tutorial on radar usage. Now includes realistic land simulation.

wxtl Weather Trainer Live

With this software on your PC you can quickly and interactively unlock the time-honored secrets of shipboard observations and master the complexities of today's weather resources.

Chart Trainer

Read charts like an expert with this enhanced multimedia CD-ROM compilation of all nautical chart symbols and definitions, plus tutorials for those new to chart reading. Includes actual photos of charted features annotated to explain the symbol notations.

Nav Rules Trainer

The easy way to master the Rules of the Road. Includes explanations of each rule, along with self testing options for the entire data base of USCG Navigation Rules exam questions. With special module on Radar and the NavRules.


The state of the art solution for coastal and ocean navigation computations. Quick, easy to use, and accurate solutions in piloting, dead reckoning, and celestial navigation. Also available for TI calculators.

Starpath Perpetual Almanac

Complete Nautical Almanac Data from 1582-2100