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Corner section of one of the buoy graphics.
Tour graphics are heavily compressed for faster loading. Originals are larger and sharper.

This is a schematic illustration of how buoys appear by day. There are similar illustrations for light patterns at night and as they appear on charts (next page of this tour).

There is an extensive amount of information on buoys in the Chart Trainer, plus we have added pertinent illustrations from the USCG Light List that help explain buoy systems and function. This picture, for example, is adapted from one in the Light List.

We can easily venture to say that you can learn whatever you need about buoys and buoyage systems from Chart Trainer and the included Chart Manual.

As with the Symbols Pages, these are large graphics that can be dragged by the mouse or moved with the arrow keys. Although it does not show here, the Page Navigator is also available for viewing these graphics.

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