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Tide and Current Symbols

Part of Page 1 of the Tides and Currents section.
Tour graphics are heavily compressed for faster loading. Originals are larger and sharper.

This is the top left corner of a symbols page, the one on tides and currents. Note that most symbols pages in the program will appear oversized on 600 x 800 display, which is intentional. The pages had to be large to show the detail, so we incorporated several very convenient ways to view the pages.

You can use keys, buttons in the toolbar, or grab and drag the page with the left button on the mouse. You can drag the actual page to view it, or you can drag the red rectangle in the Page Navigator window. This inset window shows a thumbnail view of the full page and the part you are now viewing.

In this example, the toolbar has been shifted to the top of the page, and the cursor has changed to a hand to indicate that you can drag the page.

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