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The Chart Trainer Contents page
Tour graphics are heavily compressed for faster loading. Originals are larger and sharper.

This is the table of contents of Chart Trainer showing the tutorial section, resource section and the symbols section. The index to the symbols here by "text name" distinguishes it from the graphic contents page which presents the symbol sections by what they look like graphically (next section of this tour).

The last four sections of the contents with bold red headers are the actual chart symbols pages. To go to any of these (in the program, not here), just click the label. Laptop users or anyone without a convenient mouse, can just type in the letter next to the section. Since many users might have a laptop application for this program, we have made nearly all functions easily accessed from the keyboard.

In this picture the toolbar of controls is shown on the left. You can change this to the top of the screen or put it in a floating toolpad.

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