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Title screen from Starpath Chart Trainer v2 a multimedia CD-ROM for Windows

Tour graphics are heavily compressed for faster loading. Originals are larger and sharper.

Chart Trainer is designed to help mariners interpret nautical charts and use them more efficiently, both traditional paper charts and new digital charts for computers. The materials cover all aspects of nautical charts in the most detail available, including tutorials on chart reading and plotting, along with the official definitions of all nautical chart symbols and plain-language explanations of chart features and conventions.

Both a training tool and a resource
New navigators can master the use of charts starting from the basics. Experienced mariners can use this program to look up special or uncommon chart symbols or notations using the super-convenient layout and search capabilities. We also include a unique graphic search function.

Photo examples of charted features
We have added photographs of common nav aids and other charted features to help clarify their symbols. In many cases these photographs are annotated to point out important aspects of their chart presentations. Also included is an animated presentation of light characteristics to help navigators identify lights and to correlate the symbols with what they represent.

Abbreviations and Glossary
Some US charts of foreign waters include terms and abbreviations in the local languages. Consequently, in addition to our extensive list of English terms and abbreviations, we have included here a searchable list of these foreign language terms, organized by country of origin. We have also included an international list of hydrographic offices. These are the sources for charts and navigational publications of other nations.

What's new in v2?
Version 2 of Chart Trainer includes a redesigned layout to bring the tutorials and training aspects of the program more to the forefront. In earlier versions some of the powerful training features of the program could have been missed unless one was specifically looking for that information. Now the tutorial components are more distinct from the resource components.

We have also added a complete electronic copy of NOAA's Nautical Chart User's Manual, which has been made fully searchable for word or phrase and interlinked into the Chart Trainer program. Chart Trainer has also been updated to be more compatible with Windows 2000 and XP, and other new Windows developments and we have updated the large number of Internet links to worldwide charting resources presented in the program.

As with all Starpath products, we encourage user feedback and questions. Please contact us at any of the Tech Support links listed in the program.

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