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Moonrise and Moonset

To get moonrise, moonset, the age and phase of the moon, set the Latitude and date of interest in the Main Input Window and then press the Moon button to get the following screen. The graphic on this screen is a rough scale of the computed phase.

The UT dates are repeated and may be different from the one selected if there is no phenomena on the date requested. Also the rise or set may occur on a date different from the one selected.

To print the results, press Print and enter the number of days you wish computed (called number of rows) beyond the date entered and press OK. The data are formatted for standard letter size paper. A sample section of the print out is given below.

The times listed are Local Mean Times (LMT), same as given in the Nautical Almanac. These are best thought of as the GMT of the event as observed at Lon = 0. To find local times, you need your Longitude (Lon) and Zone Description (ZD). Convert your Lon to time (using the Arc to Time Table) and then add to LMT for west longitudes or subtract for east.

GMT at your Lon = LMT + West Lon or LMT - East Lon

Local time = GMT - ZD