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Body Selector Window

This window is used to select the body of interest for almanac Data. Locate the body of interest, select it, and click OK, or just double click it to load it into the Main Input Window. This will also close the Body Selection Window.

The bodies include sun, moon and visible planets, including Mercury, as well as the standard Navigational Stars as defined on the daily pages of the Nautical Almanac and an additional 120 stars. This includes the full set of Extra Stars from the back of the Nautical Almanac.

You can customize the display by sorting on any of the columns. To sort, just click the buttons at the head of each column. The first click sorts in ascending direction, the second click sorts in descending direction.

The body number for stars are the same as used in the Almanac for the 57 Navigational Stars. The rest of the stars are numbered alphabetically. The planets also have arbitrary numbers. Note that these numbers are not required for any application of SPA other than looking up one of the traditional Navigational Stars as listed in the Nautical Almanac.

All stars include their "proper names" (Name column) as well as their "Greek letter" classification of prominence within a constellation (Alt Name). The names are the same as those used in the Nautical Almanac.

Mag is the magnitude of the star. Magnitudes marked with an asterisk (*) are variable. Planet magnitudes are not listed here but are computed for the time and date entered in the Main data window.